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Book Review

The first step is to have us evaluate your book to ensure that it can be turned into an audiobook. We would need a PDF or Microsoft Word document of the final published version (so we can review it to determine production time) as well as the cover artwork file (for the eventual retail listing of your audiobook). If your book seems like a suitable candidate for audiobook production and thus something we wish to work with, we will prepare a straightforward Audiobook Production and Distribution Agreement for you. Before you know it, the audiobook edition of your book will be available worldwide for sale right alongside your print and eBook editions.

What if you have not published my book in any format yet? Amazon, Apple and Audible require that a print and/or eBook edition of your book be published previously, or they will not allow distribution of an audiobook edition. Not to worry, this still leaves you two great options for if you haven’t yet published your book:

Option one is to have us begin production of your audiobook right away based on your unpublished manuscript and concurrently have an outside publisher begin work on publication of the print and/or eBook edition. We will work with your outside print/eBook publisher to ensure that once your print/eBook edition is completed, your audiobook edition will be made available for sale soon thereafter.

Option two is to hold-off on having us begin the audiobook production, while you move ahead with the print/eBook edition with the publisher of your choice. After that publisher has completed their task, you can reconnect with us and we will then produce the audiobook version of your published book. This is the option chosen by authors who do not want to outlay the funds needed to start both projects at once.

We have a network of the largest and most prestigious independent publishers in the nation who will extend a deep discount if you are referred by us or are in the process of publishing an audiobook with us. Just ask and we will be happy to connect you with one of them.

Choosing Your Professional Audio Narrator

Our narrators are experienced veterans with multiple audiobooks on their resume. Led by an audiobook narrator and producer with over 36 years of experience in the audiobook industry, the entire audio production team works collaboratively as a creative and talented force, in order to help our authors achieve their audiobook goals.

Casting & Pre-Production

We offer a large cast of professional talent who have specific skill sets that we utilize for authors, like you, based on genre, book theme, dialects, tone of voice and many more characteristics that will help accentuate your story. A dedicated Publishing Coordinator (PC) will be assigned to work directly with you throughout the entire process to help provide a selection of voice-over talent for you to choose from. Your assigned PC will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire regarding things like any particular dialects or accents that your character’s narration will require, the gender of narrator you prefer, etc.

Based upon your input, your PC will select three voice talent options for you to choose from, and will provide you with a sample audio clip from a previous audiobook narrated by each of them. Once you have selected a narrator from that list, we will then create a brief audition script performed by your chosen narrator from an excerpt of your book for final approval.

Narration & Production

Congratulations! You’ve now secured a professional voice-over talent backed by our experienced audio production staff, and are on your way to having a finished audiobook production. Remember- it is common for the narrator to process only small portions of single chapters in one sitting. It should not be expected that the finished work will be completed instantly. In fact, post-production editing, often done by a separate audio engineer, takes as long if not longer than the actual narration itself, so please be patient.

Upon completion of all the audio files, post-production editing and technical verification of things like proper bitrate, sample rate and proper CODECS, you are presented with your finished audiobook. Together we will have truly brought your story to life such that it is ready to be distributed to customers and audiences throughout the world!


Once completed, your audiobook will be uploaded to our national and international distribution outlets (Amazon, Audible, Apple) and paired with the image from your print or eBook cover for a finished retail appearance. We will also obtain a distinct ISBN for the audiobook edition, listing you as the author and Audiobook Network as the audiobook publisher. This ensures that your audiobook edition will be listed side-by-side with any print or eBook editions that you previously published and listed for sale on our partner platforms.

Press Release

After your audiobook is officially listed for retail sale at our partner retail platforms (Amazon, Audible, Apple) we will adapt your original hard-copy press release (when available), accentuating and announcing the audiobook format availability. Upon your approval of the release, we will utilize a professional newswire service to distribute your release to numerous media in the hopes of having an article or story about you and your audiobook published, thus garnering publicity for the project.

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